Promotional Toolkit

Promotional Toolkit

Use this  toolkit to help spread the word about C2UExpo with your friends and colleagues.

Social media

Use #C2UExpo to join in on the conversation.


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Don't miss out on @CUExpo! Register today and learn more about community-campus partnerships.
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Follow us on Twitter
Want to promote us on Twitter? Use these posts:

Don't miss out on @cuexpo! Register today & learn more about community-campus partnerships #C2UExpo
#C2UExpo will bring together diverse leaders to promote community campus partnerships. Register today!
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Promotional copy

Use the text for your newsletter, website or event calendar to help promote C2UExpo:

C2UExpo is an immersive, dialogue-centric conference experience. Throughout C2UExpo we will explore the role of community-campus partnerships in addressing social, health, environmental and community issues.

See you at C2UExpo May 1-5 for a week of discussing community-campus partnerships. Stay updated on C2UExpo by visiting our website or following us on Twitter and Facebook.

Please contact us if you require a different size than the ones provided.
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