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Are you part of an innovative partnership between communities and campuses to create smart and caring communities? Perhaps you are working with aboriginal communities, creating spaces for young people to thrive in your city, or linking philanthropists with innovative community research. If you are, then you don’t want to miss the C2UExpo 2017 Community Jam.

We are inviting over 25 community delegations from across the country, and 5 International delegations, to register for the C2U Expo Community Jam in BC in May. By participating, you will be helping to lay the groundwork for building smart and caring communities, forging new relationships and strengthening existing ones, and hatching new ideas for activities in your community, while learning about the innovative practices in communities next door, and around the world.

This fun, interactive two-day learning exchange is focused on creating a lasting legacy among communities and campuses building smart and caring communities that respect 10,000 years of Aboriginal people's traditions. The Community Jam is the pre-conference portion of C2UExpo 2017 - For the Common Good taking place in Surrey and Vancouver, British Columbia, May 1 to 5.

Preparations for the Community Jam start now with groups across the country forming delegations with local campuses, community foundations, civil society organizations, and Aboriginal communities. These groups may be existing partnerships or they may be a new collaboration formed to attend the C2UExpo 2017 Community Jam. Click HERE for more information.

If you and your colleagues are interested in becoming a delegation, please contact Grace Lee by email ( or by telephone at 778-782-4893. 
The Community Jam is also open to (100) community enablers – people who help to create the conditions for smart and caring communities to thrive. You could be a philanthropist, a private sector leader, a community organizer, a municipal official, an Aboriginal leader or a community-engaged academic who is actively involved in creating strong communities. If you want to help create a lasting legacy that community foundations, universities, colleges and local communities can build, then join us for this interactive, informative, and fun learning exchange.
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