Open Space

The Community Jam has been designed to unearth and highlight the experiences, insights and stories of our delegates, so that delegates may learn from one another the steps, components, and best practices to creating smart and caring communities.

On the second day of the Community Jam, we are hosting two unique Open Space sessions where delegations have the chance to either lead a workshop or to pose a challenge. In conducting a workshop, delegations can give to others who may be doing or aspire to do similar work in their respective communities, through sharing their learnings and discoveries gained from experience. In posting a question or a challenge, delegations have the chance to take from the acquired knowledge of their fellow delegates as well as a panel of experts.  

The Open Space sessions will focus on issues ranging from prototyping City Studio, art-inspired learning, youth engagement, refugee settlement and integration, and more.

Come prepared to share your thoughts, best practices, and wicked questions!
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