Info for Presenters

info for presenters
Congratulations on having your presentation accepted to C2UExpo 2017. We have a highly robust and interesting program thanks to your contributions. This package contains the information you need to know in order to prepare for your presentation at Walk the Talk (main conference May 3 – 5). Please be sure to review the entire package before sending us your questions. We look forward to seeing you there!

Conference Locations

Please refer to the directions page for maps to the conference locations. For your reference, taxi and transit information is included directly below:

Vancouver Taxi: (604) 871-1111
Yellow Cab: (604) 681-1111

Public Transit Trip-planner:

Community Jam: May 1-2, 2017

Community Jam workshops will take place on May 1-2, 2017 at the Simon Fraser University Surrey campus. Day 2 of the conference will open with a pancake breakfast at City Hall, open to all community members. Plan to attend the evening reception on Day 2 which will mark the opening of the main conference – “Walk the Talk” – Featuring Shane Koyczan – Poet/Storyteller. Delegates are expected to find their own way to and from the venue via taxi, public transit, or driving.

SFU – Surrey Campus
250-13450 – 102nd Avenue, Surrey, BC V3T 0A3
(778) 782-3111

Surrey City Hall
13450 104 Ave, Surrey, BC V3T 1V8
(604) 591-4011

Fairmont Hotel Vancouver Pacific Ballroom
900 West Georgia Street, Vancouver, BC V6C 2W6
(604) 684-3131

Walk the Talk – Main Conference: May 3-5, 2017

All conference activities and sessions (except site visits) will take place near Simon Fraser University's Vancouver campus.

Fairmont Hotel Vancouver Pacific Ball Room
900 West Georgia Street, Vancouver, BC V6C 2W6
(604) 684-3131

Harbour Centre 
555 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 4N6

SFU Harbour Centre Campus
515 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 5K3 
(778) 782-5000 

SFU Segal Graduate School of Business
500 Granville Street, Vancouver, BC V6C 1W6
(778) 782-5800

Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue (Wosk Conference Centre) 
580 West Hastings Street 
Vancouver, BC, V6B 1L6 
Ph: 778-782-5800 

SFU Goldcorp Centre for the Arts (Community and Cultural Mashup)
149 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 1H4
(778) 782-3363

Central City Brew Pub (Failure Wake)
871 Beatty Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 2M6 
(778) 379-2489
Conference Accommodations
Conference presenters and delegates are expected to make their own travel and accommodations/ reservations. We have reserved room blocks at the following hotels. These blocks will be released as of April 1, 2017. You therefore need to register by March 31, 2017 in order to secure a room reservation at the conference rate *subject to availability. You will find all accommodations, contact information, discount codes, etc. by visiting our Hotels page on our website.

Fairmont Hotel Vancouver
900 West Georgia Street, Vancouver, BC V6C 2W6
The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver is located in downtown Vancouver. This hotel is approximately 15 walking minutes away from SFU Harbour Centre, and approximately 60 minutes away from SFU Surrey by SkyTrain.

The Metropolitan Hotel
645 Howe Street, Vancouver, BC V6C 2Y9
The Metropolitan Hotel is located in downtown Vancouver. This hotel is 10 walking minutes away from SFU Harbour Centre, and approximately 60 minutes away from SFU Surrey by SkyTrain.

Delta Hotel
550 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 1L6
Delta Hotel is located directly across the street from SFU Harbour Centre in downtown Vancouver. The hotel is approximately 60 minutes from SFU Surrey by SkyTrain.

Sheraton Guilford Centre
17269 104 Avenue, Surrey, BC V3R 1N5
Sheraton Vancouver Guilford Hotel is located in Surrey. This hotel is approximately 10 minutes away from SFU Surrey by car, and 20 minutes by bus. The hotel is approximately 70 minutes by car, and 35 minutes by SkyTrain from SFU Surrey to SFU Harbour Centre.

Inn at the Quay
900 Quayside Drive, New Westminster, BC V3M 6C9
Inn at the Quay is approximately 10 minutes by SkyTrain from SFU Surrey, and approximately 30 minutes from SFU Harbour Centre in downtown Vancouver by SkyTrain.
Conference Schedule
Please find the tentative conference schedule here for up to date information.
Registration Desk
Please visit us at the registration desk upon your arrival to register, receive your name badge, swag bag, and other information you may need.

May 1: SFU Surrey Mezzanine, open 7:30am to 9:00pm.
May 2: Fairmont Hotel Vancouver 4:30pm to 7:30pm.
May 3 - 4: Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, open 7:00am to 10:30am.

Please note, during the main conference, the registration package will also be available for pick up at Harbour Centre’s Hospitality Desk after the hours mentioned above.
Information for ALL Presenters – Read this section carefully
Read this section carefully before making inquiries.

Key Dates and Deadlines:

Deadline Item
March 15, 2017 Deadline to submit all updated presenter information
Last day for early bird pricing
Last day for presenters to register
March 23, 2017 Unregistered presenters pulled from the program
March 31, 2017 Deadline to book a Conference Hotel Room at our preferred rate

Confirming your Presenter Information

If, during the abstract submission process, you provided explicit permission to use your bio and picture (as applicable) for promotion, we will upload the information to a presenter’s portion of our website soon.

At this time, we request that you s
end us any and all changes in ONE email with the subject line “#<presentation number> - Updated Presenter Information” to by end-of-day on March 15th.

Changes can include:
  • Adding additional presenters, presenter images, and bios. 
  • For those presentations where the “Primary Presenter” is merely the main point of contact, you can send a photo that includes all presenters, and change the name of the primary presenter to a SHORT group name/title.  
  • Changing the presentation title and brief abstract. (Please send the revised version rather than just the pieces to add). 
  • Selecting a new or different presentation keyword. 
  • Adding website links, contact information, etc.  
The following information will be uploaded to our website for the conference program unless you decline:
  • Presenter name(s) and titles 
  • Presenter image(s) (if applicable) 
  • Presentation Title
  • Brief abstract 
  • Type of presentation
If you do not consent to having your presentation information as outlined above on our website, please send an email to with the subject line "#<presentation number> Decline Website Publication". With this notification only your name and presentation title will be put on the website.

AV and Your Presentation

Each room will be equipped with a sound system, digital projector, screens and microphones. Each room will also be equipped with a PC computer. NOTE: Presenters cannot use personal laptops. Presentations must be run from the presentation room computer formatted for a PC.

You will have Wi-Fi access at the conference. Staff will provide information about how to access Wi-Fi upon your arrival at the conference. Please bring your presentation on a USB key.

Please arrive early to your presentation. Greeters will be available to meet you in your session room upon your arrival.

Your Presentation Materials

Please restrict your PowerPoint presentation to a maximum of 10 slides per 15 minute presentation. Pecha Kucha-like presentations are restricted to max. 20 slides, shown for 20 seconds each. Also, please do your best to make your presentation accessible . We suggest presentations be converted to PDF’s to avoid inconsistencies. If assistance is required, please contact Mona Liu at

Please keep your presentation PowerPoint dynamic, engaging, but succinct. While we appreciate the richness of your presentation, we have constraints for storing, uploading and making available presenter PowerPoints (provided you have confirmed that your PowerPoint may be shared). We also must be strict in keeping to allotted presentation times. Your cooperation will be much appreciated by the conference staff, as well as your fellow presenters!

If your presentation includes audio files, and video files, you will be responsible for bringing them to the conference.

If you have handouts, please let us know and we will instruct on how to distribute it electronically.

Accessibility and Your Presentation

Please try to ensure that your presentation materials are accessible. Your cooperation with this will contribute to the conference being fully inclusive.

Electronic copies of your presentation (PowerPoint or other) should be accessible to audience members with a wide variety of abilities, including those with visual and hearing impairments. To help you do this, we have created an accessible PowerPoint template that you can use to create your presentation. Also, included in this information package are some Accessibility Tips and Pointers . We encourage you to follow these tips and pointers closely so that your conference presentation is accessible to everyone.

If you are bringing handouts for the audience, please ensure that you bring 5 copies in large font (18 point, sans serif font such as Arial or Verdana). If possible, please try to ensure that all video files are captioned. Audio files should be accompanied by a transcript or be presented in video format and should include captions.

These tips will help you make your presentations accessible to the greatest number of people and limit the amount of work you need to do to accommodate people with disabilities. This document is divided into 2 sections: General tips on making PowerPoint presentations accessible and an elaboration on effective use of Alt text. 

General Tips:
  • Ensure that the type is large enough to read easily. We recommend minimum 30-point type. 
  • Make sure there is a high contrast between the background and the text. We recommend keeping the presentation simple: black text on white background.
  • If you use colours, use ones that are highly contrasting. 
  • Make sure the content can be interpreted in grey-scale, in case someone prints it in black and white. 
  • Use titles on each slide, so the flow of the presentation is easy to navigate. 
  • Use simple slide transitions or avoid animation-like effects altogether. 
  • Use simple language. 
  • Don’t overcrowd slides with text. Three to seven bullet points per slide is a good rule of thumb.
  • If you embed video, make sure it is captioned and that the player controls — start, pause and stop — are accessible. 
  • If you embed audio, make sure a transcript is available. 
  • If your slides contain animations, make sure they are brief and do not distract from the most important content on the page. 
  • Use Alt Text to explain pictures, images, graphics, graphs, tables and flowcharts, so that a screen reader can access them. 
Effective Alt Text (also applies to verbal descriptions during presentations) 

Alternative text describes an image so that the user’s assistive technology may convey what information is being provided. It appears when you move your cursor over a picture or object. In situations where the reader cannot see the image, Alt Text ensures that no information is lost. 
  • Communicates the purpose of the image accurately and succinctly.
  • Contains a short description of the image that is important to the user’s understanding of the information conveyed and a longer description for complex or detailed diagrams and images. 
  • Does not repeat the text of an adjacent caption. Screen readers read both the caption and the Alt Text, so avoid having the same details in both. 
  • Does not contain the words “Image of” at the start of the Alt Text. Screen readers tell the user that there is an image and then read the Alt Text. 
  • Does indicate “Screenshot of…” if it is an image taken from a computer screen. 
  • Does indicate “Photo of…” if it is a photo. 
  • Requires no text if an image is purely decorative. Simply provide two quotation marks (“ ”) as the Alt Text. 
  • Uses punctuation for full sentences. 
Poster Presenters 

Poster Specifications: 

Posters are required to be a maximum of 4’ x 3’ either horizontal or vertical. Posters will be hung using bulldog clips. Presenters are required to print their own posters, and provide cardboard or lamination as needed to mount them. 
Poster Delivery: 

Please drop off your poster at the C2UExpo Registration Desk located outside the Pacific Ballroom in the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver during the following hours: 
Tuesday: 4:00 pm - 7:30 pm
Wednesday: 7:00 am - 10:30 am
Thursday 7:00 am - 10:30 am
If you are unable to drop off your poster during these hours, please bring your poster to the C2UExpo Hospitality Desk located at the SFU Harbour Centre Campus. 
Once you have dropped off your poster, it will be displayed at the conference's networking area until the morning of your presentation. 

On the morning of your presentation, please proceed to the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver's Pacific Ballroom at the time noted above. Your poster will be set-up in the Ballroom area for the duration of the breakfast hour, where you will be able to speak to your poster to conference delegates. You will have 15 minutes to wrap up and remove your poster prior to the plenary start time.
At the end of your presentation, please return your poster to the C2UExpo registration desk outside the Pacific Ballroom.
Thursday Presenters: After your presentation time, your poster will be moved to the conference networking area until end of day Thursday.
Friday Presenters: Please return your poster to the C2UExpo registration desk outside the Pacific Ballroom and indicate if you would like to keep your poster for pick up at the end of the conference, or if you would like us to recycle your poster. 
Poster Pickup: 

Please pick up your poster on Friday May 5th from the C2UExpo registration desk outside the Pacific Ballroom between 8:00am and 2pm. 

All posters that have not been picked up by 2pm will be recycled. 

A Few Options For Your Printing Needs

1055 West Georgia Street, Unit 220
Vancouver, BC V6E 3P3
P. 604.678.4873
F. 604.678.8443
Store #254
Harbour Centre Printing & Copying Services
U-4, 555 West Hastings Street 
Vancouver, BC CANADA V6B 4N6
Phone 604.669.2336 

Contact SFU Document Solutions - Surrey
Mezzanine - Room 2590
250-13450 102 Avenue, Surrey BC, V3T 0A3
t: 778-782-8050

10136 King George Hwy.
Surrey, BC V3T 2W4
P. 604.582.6789
F. 604.582.3880
Store #176
Proposal Acceptance Letters were sent out on January 31st. Please RSVP to the link provided in your acceptance email that you plan to attend the conference.

Register here:
Bursary information and applications:

We are now working on the program scheduling. Presenters will be notified of the date and time of their presentation on February 28th at which time you will be provided with a copy of your proposal to review online, and you will be able to download the presenter’s package for the conference.

This information package will explain all the steps you need to take in order to update your presentation information, prepare your presentation PowerPoints and materials, and other necessary details.

For your convenience, below are the key presenter-related dates and deadlines. Detailed information will be provided by February 28th in the presenter’s package, including where to view your submitted proposal.
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