Community Ambassadors

community ambassador program
The Community Ambassador Program is intended to provide opportunities for capacity building and participation among individuals and communities facing barriers to employment. 
The goals of the program are:  
  • To model an inclusive approach by actively recruiting people facing a variety of barriers to employment
  • To offer a high-quality employment training and event experience that builds capacity for community members 
  • To offer an honorarium for service during the conference
  • To fill essential and important roles for the success of C2UExpo with capable and competent individuals 
  • To re-connect with the ambassadors post-conference to assess the impact of their experience    
Community Ambassadors will support C2UExpo through a variety of roles such as volunteer coordination, logistical support, media, communication, documentation, facilitation and more. Ambassadors will gain valuable experience, build employability skills, meet new people, obtain references, and be an integral part of an international conference hosted at a large and reputable post-secondary institution.

Selection Process and Training

Ambassadors will be selected through a variety of non-profit organizations, running employment and other community programming located in Burnaby, Surrey and Vancouver.  
Community Ambassadors will attend a training session and will be expected to commit to a minimum of 10 working hours during the event.


For more information about our Community Ambassador Program, contact:
Rachel Nelson
Associate Director, SFU Partnerships and Programs
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