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Now that the Call for Proposals is closed, here's a bit about 
the folks who took the time to make a submission:

Critical issues, for the common good.

In a time with so many complex challenges (reconciliation, housing affordability, drug deaths, poverty, climate change issues, and more), we need authentic community-academic partnerships for creating knowledge that address these and other issues. 

Preference will be given to joint proposals submitted by teams with academic and non-academic partners.
highlight the impacts that community-campus partnerships are making in society, communities, and lives of individuals.
showcase innovative models, experiences and best practices of community-campus programs. 
provide critical discussions about how partnerships and research initiatives contribute to, challenge, and create capacity for advancing the common good. 
bring together community members and post-secondary faculty, staff and/or students in the development and delivery of the program, event, or installation.  
...must include a proposal and abstract. The proposal should contain between 400 - 500 words and should provide a concise statement of the topic, issue, program or project to be discussed (the “what?”) and a summary of the major activities, findings, conclusions (the “so what?”) and implications for the future (the “now what?”).

The abstract should be no more than 50-words. Please note, this abstract may be used in the program, which will be made publicly available.

All proposals should be submitted no later than 23:59 PDT on Monday, December 5th.
Before submitting your proposal, make sure you have a high resolution (>750px wide), landscape (horizontal) photo of yourself. *The filename for the photo should include the name of the person in the photo.* 
Background (This includes why the presentation is important and who is it important to or for?) 
Objectives or purposes of the project, research, program, or study (What were you trying to do or accomplish?) 
Frameworks or perspectives (What perspective(s) do you/your team bring to this work?)
Methods (What did you do? Why did you choose to do it that way?) 
Data sources or evidence (What artifacts or evidence did you draw on?) 
Results, conclusions (What was the result? What lessons do you take from this experience?) 
Significance of the study findings (How will or should this experience or research impact policy, practice, and thinking about this topic?) 

Submission Details

Submissions that have been previously published in any format must be disclosed as such. Please do not include the names of partners and co-authors on the proposal unless explicit agreement has been obtained from each named participant.  Copyrights to all works are retained by the author(s) or artists and may be distributed through conference proceedings with Creative Commons licensing.

For More Info, Contact:

Michelle Nilson
Program Chair 
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