C2UExpo 2017

C2Uexpo 2017

For the common good.

C2UExpo 2017 is committed to providing space to discuss, analyze and synthesize partnerships that address real social and environmental challenges faced by Canada, as we celebrate our 150th birthday.

We must also address the challenges. Do these efforts lead to the betterment of the common good? How do we know when it is so? What strategies work well? When do partnerships stall?

Community-campus partnerships come about and are sustained in a variety of ways; the work encompasses a great range of participants, topics, and interests. Communities and campuses are engaged in everything from ensuring safe delivery of newborns to providing end of life care, and everything in between. And while engaging in community-campus partnerships is important from a process perspective, it is also important that they have an impact on solving and helping us to critically think about the problems that we all face today and in the future.

Why attend?

C2UExpo is an immersive, dialogue-centric conference experience. We learn more when engaging in interactive dialogue and welcome many different perspectives. C2UExpo will introduce you to members of the community, academia, government and industry. Together, we will explore the role of community-campus partnerships in addressing social, health, environmental and community issues.

Who should attend?

C2UExpo 2017 is for anyone interested in learning about the potential, the promise and the impact of campus and community partnerships. Have you been working in the trenches for many years? Please join us. Have you just started thinking about a project or a partnership? Please come along. Are you a skeptic and want to share your point of view? There is room.

The conference goal is for half of attendees to represent universities, colleges and polytechnics, and the other half, a broadly defined notion of community – government, non-profit/NGOs, businesses and citizens with no particular affiliation other than a keen interest and passion for empowering social change. We hope to learn from projects, whether they are in the early stages or complete, that bring together the academic and community to share a common story. It is also our intent to stretch what constitutes engagement at the project level. As with earlier Expos, there will be a focus on community based research, service learning and other forms of experiential learning and social innovation projects.

A bursary program has been established to help fund registrants challenged by cost. Please see our Bursary page.
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