About C2UExpo

C2UExpo is a biannual conference that explores the edge of community-college-university partnerships as catalysts for social innovation. Formerly hosted by Carleton University (2015) and University of Victoria (2013), the event will attract 500 delegates from around the globe to Simon Fraser University (Vancouver, Surrey, Burnaby, British Columbia) from May 1–5, 2017.

Every year, C2UExpo expands to include more topics and areas of expertise.
At the same time, we strive to keep the level of interactivity of engagement that comes from fostering dialogue among community, post-secondary and government.

4 themes to spark dialogue.

The engagement process: powerful questions, powerful questioning

Critically examine the methods that open doors to dialogue, and explore the policy and practice behind community-campus engagement. 

The C2U project life cycle

Conception, birth, development and rebirth. Celebrate community-campus partnerships that have led to tangible changes – such as reducing homelessness, preserving the environment and creating access to credit.

Comprehensive C2U engagement

Community-engaged research, participatory action research, experiential education (service learning, co-op, practicums), alliance building and so on – Explore the full range of community-campus partnerships.

C2U without borders

 Critically examine the methods that open doors to dialogue, and explore the policy and practice behind community-campus engagement.

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A history of C2U engagement...

When the idea of community-campus partnerships was in its first stages of growth, researchers and community groups alike had very few resources available to them to which they could turn for guidance. The C2UExpo movement began in Canada to address this dearth, and provided individuals involved in community-campus partnerships with a forum through which they could share experiences, strategies, and ideas.
CUExpo 2003
Partnerships, Policy and Progress
CUExpo 2005
Leaders in Urban Change
CU Expo 2008
Connecting for Change
CU Expo 2011
Bringing Global Perspectives to Local Action
CU Expo 2013
Engaging Shared Worlds
Corner Brook, Newfoundland & Labrador
Community-University Partnerships
CU Expo 2015
Citizen Solutions. Better World.
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